Management Consulting

The biggest problem of business managers in growing businesses is to not be able to get rid of daily work and look at the organization they manage from above. It is also a common problem to lose control over growth due to growth. Growing jobs require larger organizational structures. It requires the business culture to be adjusted accordingly. Our company provides management consultancy services to support the institutionalization of your business.



Tax is an expense for businesses. Tax is an expense, you usually do not know how much you will pay, and when you do not plan, you will not be aware of how much tax you will pay.

But with proper planning, you can plan how much tax you will pay. Moreover, you can lower your tax expense just like any other expenses without taking an illegal route when planning properly.

By examining your activity, income and expense structure by our company, the status of your business against tax is determined, and the tax advantages you can take and the measures to be taken to bear the minimum tax expense are determined.

In this way, you are able to save on your tax expenses if possible, and the timing of payment is determined at the beginning of the year.



In particular, it is very important to know how to benefit from the incentives that have increased in recent years and to know how to get investment incentives.

Services provided by our company; obtaining and closing an investment incentive certificate, obtaining and following up the internal authorization certificate, tax incentives in investments and more.



Although establishing a company seems like an easy activity, do you really know what kind of company you need, financial and legal rules are the partner of the company and what kind of company model is right for you?

It is very important to organize the appropriate and correct “Articles of Association” by determining the relationship with the partners of the real partners, the government, the sellers and the banks in the establishment of the company.

Interviewing and informing during the establishment phase allows you to choose the right company type and make the most appropriate master agreement you need.

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