As you open up to new markets and restructure your financial units, you may need more support to deal with mergers, acquisitions or post-sales changes. From short-term solutions that will help you manage your company’s transition period smoothly, to long-term partnerships that we constantly support, we provide businesses with revision and reporting services that comply with legal requirements.

Artı Değer / Task International, our aim is to establish the accounting departments that fulfill the requirements of the law and have the capacity to transfer healthy and continuous information to the management, to ensure functionality and to use external resources if needed. We offer outsourcing services to companies in order to reduce costs, to minimize risks, to save time and to improve the quality of main services in constantly developing and changing economic conditions.

Our services;


Uniform Chart of Accounts of Turkey / International Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS / IFRS) The preparation of financial statements in accordance,

Turkey Accounting Standards (TMS) and International accounting standards within the framework of the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements,

Revision of the financial reports of the enterprises in order to prepare them in line with the TMS and local legislation,

Filling of the foreign management reporting packages of the enterprises in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards

Preparation of reports to be prepared in accordance with the legislation required by the headquarters of the enterprises abroad (UK GAAP and US GAAP etc.)

ARTI DEĞER Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim ve YMM A.Ş.

Artı Değer is also a member of Task International, an affiliate of IFAC (International Federation of Accounts).